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Product details of INTEX IT-1050VA MISSION UPS

  • LED Status Indicator
  • Backup time: 3-15mins (depends on load)
  • 4-6hours charging period
  • Auto-restarts when AC Recovers
  • Silence Setup
  • Battery Low Voltage Protection
  • Overload & Short Circuit Protection

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Product Description

Capacity                                                    VA 1050VA
I/P Voltage Range                                  155 ~ 270 V
Frequency                                                 50Hz +/-10%
AVR Voltage Range                               200 ~ 255 V
Frequency Regulation                         50Hz +/-5%
Power Factor                                           0.6 Typical
Output Waveform(Mains)                   Sine Wave
Output Voltage(Battery Mode)        230 +/-8%
Frequency (Battery Mode)                50Hz+/-5%
Output Waveform(Battery Mode)   Modified Sinewave
Design                                                         PWM PWM IC
Battery                                                        Type 12V , 12 AH , SMF(Sealed Lead Acid
Charging Type                                          Constant voltage charge
Back-up time Min                                   12 mins with 2 PC+ 2 x15 Monitor
Recharge Time                                         < 8 Hrs. up to 90 %
Protection                                                 Auto-protection Battery Deep Discharge /                                                                             Overcharge
Offline Charging                                       No
Transfer time
Typical<4 msec
Indicator & Audible Alarm
AC Mode (Power) Green LED on
Backup Mode Red LED flashing
Backup Mode Alarm Beeping every 4 sec
Low Battery Alarm Beeping every 0.5 sec
Input Fuse / Surge Protection fuse for overload & short circuit protection
Over load Protection as load over 10%,UPS auto shut down in 13seconds
Output Short Circuit UPS output cut-off immediately
Operating Temperature 1 ~ 50 degrees Celcius,


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