Fashion Dazzle Dance BL-A11


  • 2.0 Quality Technical Innovation
  • Multimedia Digital
  • LED Vigor Dazzle Colour
  • Surging power Passion on it Tone pure beauty exciting

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Type fiber have glaring superior

Classic fashion LED dazzle dance appearance design, simple and generous, glittering and translucent connect fully, bright rings, release the surging power, vibration of membrane structure, mega bass effect, high clear the very bright, pure and deep bass, let you feel the high-fidelity sound, USB2.0 transmission volume, elegant color of the movement, add unlimited vitality to your family and work!


Technical Specifications

Peak Power : 5W

Effective power : 3W x2

Horn specifications : 2.5 inch full range (66mm)

Frequency response : 90 Hz – 20 Khz

Impedance : 3 Ohm

Power Supply : USB Power Cable – 5V

Sensitivity : 600+-600 mv

Distortion : 1% 1W 1KHz

Signal to noise ratio : 70 dB


System Configuration

Computer USB2.0 or 1.1 jack

Computer with audio output

Computer system sound card

Hot-swappable without software drivers


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